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After we set up our new place, I was surprised to see just how many boxes we had. We had a lot more stuff than we needed, and I had to do something to create a more organized area. I began looking for solutions, and I found a storage facility that was just down the street from us. I talked with them about the sizes they had available, and I booked a unit that I thought would work. After using the storage facility, our new place was cleaner and much more organized. I wanted to start a website all about moving and storage, since you never know what kinds of problems you will face in a new place.


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Moving In A Hurry? Here Are Some Key Tips

Having to pack up everything and move is always stressful, but the situation is really maddening if you have to move in a hurry. When time is of the essence, you must get organized quickly and do everything in an efficient manner. This article will give you several key tips to help you out. 

Moving Company

The first step is to contact a reputable moving company and make all of the logistical arrangements for your move. Obviously, you don't have a lot of time to consider a large number of movers. Get some recommendations from friends. Check out reviews on the internet and quickly narrow it down to two or three solid companies. Get estimates and pick the company you feel most comfortable with.

Old Items

When you have to move quickly, you can't take everything in the house with you. Go through all of your belongings and throw out things you don't need or can replace once you arrive at your destination. Everyone has old clothes they don't wear or old items stored away that they never use. Collect all of these and donate them to a Goodwill store or local charity. If you have any unexpired food cans, give them to a local food pantry.

Essentials  Box

Certain items that are absolutely essential to you should not be packed up and put on a moving truck because you don't want to take even the slightest chance that they might be lost. Put them all in an essentials box that you will take with you in your vehicle.This includes things like a first aid kit, toiletries, prescriptions and vital records and documents. Also, a portable tool kit and flashlight will also come in handy. You may want to add chargers for your electronic devices as well.

Quick packing

When time is a factor in your move, you don't have the luxury of doing a lot of sorting. Just pack your items and boxes without worrying about making sure all similar items are packed together. As long as you pack your belongings back securely and quickly, there is no need to worry about sorting. You can sort them out after you reach your new home.

Another idea that will save time as you pack is to pack your clothes as they are. For example, use a garbage bag to pack the clothes hanging in your closet. You can start from the bottom and then tie the strings of the bags around the coat hangers.


Packing up large items appliances in big pieces of furniture and takes up a lot of time. Just leave this job to the movers. They have experience with this task and can do it quickly and efficiently.

Although moving in a hurry is stressful, following these tips should make it easier for you.