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After we set up our new place, I was surprised to see just how many boxes we had. We had a lot more stuff than we needed, and I had to do something to create a more organized area. I began looking for solutions, and I found a storage facility that was just down the street from us. I talked with them about the sizes they had available, and I booked a unit that I thought would work. After using the storage facility, our new place was cleaner and much more organized. I wanted to start a website all about moving and storage, since you never know what kinds of problems you will face in a new place.


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3 Tips For Storing Camping Supplies For The Winter In A Storage Unit

If you enjoy camping when the weather is good, it's likely that you have a great deal of camping supplies. While having a lot of camping supplies at home can be great for the summer months, you may be at a loss of what to do with everything during the winter. Instead of resorting to storing everything at home and have a lot of clutter, it's a good idea to look into renting a storage unit instead.

If you're considering placing everything into storage for the entire winter, check out the following tips for preparing before you drop everything into storage.

1. Make Sure Everything Is Kept Clean 

One of the most important things to do when you a lot of camping supplies is giving everything a thorough cleaning before it goes into storage. With how dirty camping supplies can get during the summer, it makes sense to give everything a thorough cleaning to prevent issues such as mold or permanent stains later. With how your items will be left alone for a long period of time, consider making sure that everything is cleaned before dropping them into storage.

2. Consider a Remote Storage Unit to Cut Costs

Since you likely won't be camping at all during the colder months of the year, it's a good idea to look into choosing a remote storage unit instead of one that is more readily available to. While some people may prefer having easy access to a storage unit due to the kinds of things that you'll place in storage, it's unlikely that this is the case when you're storing camping supplies.

Choosing a more remote storage unit that needs to be requested in advance to access can help save you money and still give the storage space that you want.

3. Get Insurance for the Value of Your Items

When you have a lot of camping supplies, it's likely that the costs involved with buying everything can be quite high. While you may have put in the effort to choose a reputable storage facility and cleaned everything in advance, it's important that you make sure that your items are protected with insurance as well. Having your items be insured can protect everything in the event of any damage.

Taking your time getting familiar with how to prepare your items for storage can make all the difference in keeping your camping supplies in good shape. When you want your camping supplies during only one season out of the year, you need to carefully pick a storage unit so that it's affordable and serves its purpose well.