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After we set up our new place, I was surprised to see just how many boxes we had. We had a lot more stuff than we needed, and I had to do something to create a more organized area. I began looking for solutions, and I found a storage facility that was just down the street from us. I talked with them about the sizes they had available, and I booked a unit that I thought would work. After using the storage facility, our new place was cleaner and much more organized. I wanted to start a website all about moving and storage, since you never know what kinds of problems you will face in a new place.


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3 Key Steps To Take When Looking For The Right Moving Company

If you're getting ready for a big move, it behooves you to work with a moving company. They can make this transition so much easier to handle. To ensure your moving experience goes smoothly from start to finish, take these steps during the selection process.  Compare Moving Estimates  Chances are there are multiple moving companies in your area to work with, and they probably all don't charge the same. This makes it necessary to compare rates so that you end up getting the best deal and moving services that work for your budget. Read More 

3 Tips For Storing Camping Supplies For The Winter In A Storage Unit

If you enjoy camping when the weather is good, it's likely that you have a great deal of camping supplies. While having a lot of camping supplies at home can be great for the summer months, you may be at a loss of what to do with everything during the winter. Instead of resorting to storing everything at home and have a lot of clutter, it's a good idea to look into renting a storage unit instead. Read More 

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Keeping your restaurant's kitchen and walk-in coolers organized is important, and the right shelving systems can help you keep everything neatly sorted and easily accessible. Here are a few options to consider to keep your restaurant kitchen working smoothly. Bakers Racks Bakers racks are ideal for a wide range of uses in your kitchen. They can be used to move ingredients from your walk-ins and into the food prep area, and they are also ideal for storing cookware, dinnerware, and other essentials. Read More 

Moving To A New Home? What To Pack In Your Essential Items Boxes

Packing boxes for a move can be a very time-consuming process, and unpacking can sometimes take even longer. That's why you want to pack some boxes with essential items that you'll need to use right after moving into your new house. This will prevent you from having to dig through dozens of boxes to find those items you need right away, and then you can take your time unpacking the rest over the next few days. Read More 

Moving With A Baby… A Baby Grand, That Is? 3 Things To Know

Moving is one of those activities that adults must attend to, but rarely enjoy. When the moving process involves a unique situation, such as getting a baby grand piano safely from Point A to Point B, the chances of an enjoyable moving experience plummets. If the household includes a spouse or child who is a music aficionado, however, there can be no discussion of leaving a favorite piano behind or replacing it with another in the new location. Read More