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After we set up our new place, I was surprised to see just how many boxes we had. We had a lot more stuff than we needed, and I had to do something to create a more organized area. I began looking for solutions, and I found a storage facility that was just down the street from us. I talked with them about the sizes they had available, and I booked a unit that I thought would work. After using the storage facility, our new place was cleaner and much more organized. I wanted to start a website all about moving and storage, since you never know what kinds of problems you will face in a new place.


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Moving To A New Home? What To Pack In Your Essential Items Boxes

Packing boxes for a move can be a very time-consuming process, and unpacking can sometimes take even longer. That's why you want to pack some boxes with essential items that you'll need to use right after moving into your new house. This will prevent you from having to dig through dozens of boxes to find those items you need right away, and then you can take your time unpacking the rest over the next few days.


All of your personal electronic devices use electricity, and without your television and internet connection hooked up, you are going to likely drain the batteries of these devices during the first few days. That is why you want to have all of your chargers in a convenient place so that you can get some extra juice in your devices when the battery starts to die. Consider packing the chargers for smartphones, laptops, and even your children's portable video game systems so that they can stay busy.

Cleaning Products 

Chances are that you'll want to do some cleaning before you begin placing furniture around rooms, which is why you want cleaning products ready to go on your first day. Pack a box that has all of the essentials, such as old rags, gloves, and commercial cleaners so that you do not have to go digging for them. This will help ensure that everything is clean right after you receive the keys to your new house.


Do you depend on medications that you take every single day? If so, don't bury these medications in with the entire contents of your medicine cabinet. You should pull these items out and place them in an essential items box with the rest of your bathroom items. You do not want to be scrambling at the end of the day to find the pills you need to take, only to not be able to find them.


Don't assume that the previous owners left a roll of toilet paper for you in their old bathroom. Take a couple of rolls with you so that you can put them around the house right away and have them ready to go. You'll also want to pack shampoo and soap in your essential items box so that you can shower after a day of lifting heavy boxes.

For more tips on what to pack in your essential items boxes, speak to your movers.